dara, who?

do i do exorcisms?

yuh, no. nope. no way. all the nopes. i don't know if that shit is real and i don't want to find out. you're on your own. call a priest or a rabbi or the nra, cia, fbi, wnba, msnbc, cnn, aarp, irs. call for help.

well, who the hell Is dara faye?!


good question, so glad you asked!

i am a stay at home mom, an artist, a vegan, a netflix binge watcher, an animal lover, a celebrity gossip junkie, a sometimes stress eater, an obsessive sharpie hoarder and an ipa drinker. i hate pumping my own gas, cry if i watch titanic, suspect tina fey may be my spirit animal, curse a lot, take pointless buzzfeed quizzes, and i'm a psychic medium. i'm just like you!!!

why did i choose to become a psychic?

look, nobody chooses the psychic life, the psychic life chooses them.  i'm glad i was chosen though because I really like helping people, especially from the comfort of my own home while i wear yoga pants and pretend i actually engage in any sort of exercise beyond pushing a stroller.  i'm inspiring, i know.

when did i realize i was psychic?

i have always known but didn't know how to control it until i was in my mid twenties and became brave enough to explore.

how do i do it?

with a balanced mixture of focus, luck and fairy dust.

do i ever get scared?

not so much, i managed to back up most of what i do with quantum physics laws and theories so now i feel okay about things. (shout out to science!)

i'm making a lot of jokes right now, am i ever serious?

yes, but i'm nervous at the moment. it turns out making a website is difficult and i'm really feeling the pressure and honestly, i have no idea what to write or what people want to know, so here i am. i'm just a psychic, standing in front of a computer screen asking it to help her be socially accepted by society.

am i a witch?

i don't think so? definitely not by hocus pocus standards. i do have a black cat though. her name is lydia and she eats crayons.