questions & answers

how does a typical reading go, what can i expect?

usually sessions will start out with me receiving multiple validations. for example, i typically receive a color from spirit that is representative of the client's personality and energy or their aura so that i know i connected to the proper person.  that will usually be followed up with information from spirit guides regarding past, present and future aspects of the client's life alongside relevant advice regarding whatever topics come up.  spiritual life coaching...or a stereotypical "psychic reading", if you will.  it will come in categories such as finance, career or relationships and it will be what you need to hear at that moment in your life.  if there are any passed loved ones who need to come through, they will after spirit guides (on occasion, they come forward first or even the entire time!).  when it comes to the dead, i have some major boundaries for both your protection and my own.  i will not fully connect to any spirit until we can confirm who they are via validating facts and once confirmed i will allow them to come forward and make a full connection to deliver any messages necessary.

is there anything that i need to do prior to the reading?

just relax, be open and trusting of the process.  i always suggest to my clients to make a list of no more than 10 questions that they would like answered or topics that they would like addressed prior to our scheduled session.  this list is not to be shared with me until the end and any questions gone unanswered may absolutely be asked.  questions throughout the entire session are always welcome, however making a list prior to the appointment tends to help organize the session a bit! 

what is a spirit guide?

spirit guides are your higher self basically. they are spirits who help you through life. every person has them, the average is about 2 to 5 guides, and they pretty much work as your intuition. you'll have a few that are with you from birth (maybe even before) through your entire life and then others that will come and go for certain situations in your life kind of like totem or spirit animals.  that's the basics of what they are, my beliefs on more specifics is always evolving.

what if something bad comes through?

then we make a run for it!  LOL I'm kidding, we call the Ghostbusters because i don't deal with the negative side of the spirit world. i only channel positivity and love. i have never had anything negative come through, no demonic entities, no mean spirits, nothing. 

can you explain a little more about your healings? how do they work?

well to start, i am reiki 2 attuned.  would i say that what i do during healings is reiki? yes but sometimes no. it's weird, but reiki definitely opened the channel for me to get to where i am with color healings.  i do healings on energy fields, which can affect you on an emotional level and then i do physical pain and ailment healings.  for example, if you have a headache and text me that you'd like a healing, i can pull that headache away or if it's an anxiety attack- same thing. i tend to pick up lots of psychic information while doing healings so that is one side benefit of them. 

i also do a lot of energy work (healings) on children with sleep issues,  behavioral issues and autism.  as far as the client's part in a healing session....i don't even need to be in contact with you for one.  most healings that aren't emergency ones are done in about a half an hour and once i am finished i will either call or text to let you know what i saw and what i did.

can you tell me my future?

i mean i *could*, but what fun would life be without surprises?!  seriously though, i tend to shy away from any future information i see because whatever future i'm seeing is for that exact moment in time.  anything at any given moment can change because of the butterflies and i don't want to be held responsible in any way if things don't pan out the way I was shown. (See: the butterfly effect-not the movie, although that's a good movie, especially if you like ashton kutcher, but I digress.)  plus, because of the whole "free will" thing, i try not to influence people's decisions too much!

are you a psychic or a medium?

both.  i can connect to the dead as well as your energy and give you past present and future, but as i've said, i try to steer away from future unless it's in the form of advice.

do you do your readings in person or how does this work?

i offer readings via text, phone or facetime/skype. i have clients all around the world, but they seem to be centralized in the ny/nj tristate area and los angeles.  it doesn't matter where you are, the energy is the same.  as far as in person sessions go, i only offer them in special circumstances or for events.

do you do one free question?

ummmmm, no.  i am not a psychic hotline and it just doesn't work like that for me.  i will answer any random celebrity gossip trivia questions you have for free though!

what's your favorite scary movie?  sharknado. it provides my greatest irrational fear of a shark in the swimming pool the opportunity to become reality. 

no, dara, we meant paranormal type scary movies! oh! yeah, no, you won't catch me watching those, i'm still considering therapy from that one time i watched the ring 15 years ago.